Choosing Healthcare Can Be Painless

Many people have shared that the process of choosing healthcare is anything but a Painless Xperience. However, my recent experience with an insurance agent is worth sharing. Due to a steep increase to my insurance premium, I have to terminate my current policy and find a new provider. During a call to a potential new provider, the agent asked typical, expected questions. Surprisingly, she spoke with a very caring voice and asked if my current provider included dental or vision coverage. When I said no, she inquired about my needs and offered a dental and vision supplemental policy. Learning that I was not ready to make a decision at that time, she offered to send me information to review. I was more than pleased with the interaction. Thinking back about the call, offering the supplemental insurance was probably part of the typical offerings for all the agents. However, the way the agent presented the option with care and understanding, as well as not pushing me to make a decision, definitely made the process of choosing my healthcare insurance a “Painless Xperience”.